About the Tenterfield Terrier


Size   Small
Exercise Requirements  Moderate
Grooming Requirements   Minimal
Weight    5 Kg (approx)
Life Span  15 Years (approx)






The Tenterfield Terrier is a strong, active, agile working terrier of great versatility and of pleasing proportion. The measurement of wither to ground and wither to rear point of buttock should be of equal proportions. The length of the head and neck should always be in balance to the whole of the dog. The tail can be full or a natural bob (born with a short tail similar to a docked tail) and the coat is always smooth.




The forefathers of the Tenterfield Terrier originated in England. The fox hunters of the day found they needed to develop a small dog of great agility that was able to go to ground to chase out vermin from their dens and then be able to leap into the saddlebags on the horse to pursue the chase with the hounds. The early settlers to Australia brought out the Tenterfield Terrier as a working dog for vermin. The breed was widely used throughout England and Australia for ratting, rabbiting as well as fox hunting. Over the next hundred or so years, the breed became quite established in Australia as a working terrier and family companion. There was hardly a farm in Australia that didn’t have at least one of these terriers. The breed was developed in Australia to the type it is today – a “true Aussie”.




The Tenterfield Terrier is at home either hunting vermin (large and small) on the land and around the home and property or curled up on a loving knee in front of a fire. They are an ideal companion for both children and the elderly alike. He has proven himself, without question, as a hunter of vermin and of being an extremely loving pet.


Care / Grooming


The Tenterfield Terrier is a simple wash and wear dog. They need very little upkeep other than keeping their toenails trimmed, the teeth clean (as with any breed) and occasional brushing to remove loose hair (especially when dropping summer and winter coats).




The Tenterfield is a very robust little dog, with very little health issues

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